This concept is central to the identity of Brethren. It greatly influences who we are and what we do. Anyone among us who would assume authority in Christ needs to operate out of "the tub and the towel," as a servant leader. "For the glory of God and my neighbor's good," was the motto of one of our early Brethren leaders, a mission statement that continues to ring true.

     To help understand what servanthood is about from a Brethren perspective, we provide the following five chapters in an online booklet by our pastor. You are invited to read through them.


1.  Wandering about Servanthood- servanthood as identity/orientation
2.  Accountable Citizenship- servanthood as accountability
3.  Recognizing a Higher Way- servanthood as obedience
4.  An Unexpected Welcome- servanthood as relationship
5.  Don't Steal the Gift- servanthood as grace

A song that goes along with this is "I am a Servant," by Pete Haynes

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